Disney To Put The Keys To The Kingdom On Your Wrist

A New Year means new additions to the Walt Disney World experience. Disney World first opened up the new, 10-acre Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom.

Next up on Disney World’s list is the Magic Band.


The Magic Band will change the guest experience at the parks. There will be no more park tickets, fastpasses or even room keys. These will all be located on your wrist.

According to ABC News, the Magic Band will be a radio ID bracelet. It will help with guests who lose their tickets and also help Disney keep track of guest traffic.

WDW News Today credits an anonymous source three more additions Disney World will add, which include:

  • My Disney Experience
  • Disney FastPass+
  • MyMagic+

Disney is still testing the Magic Band. But rumors place the Magic Band roll out in February.

Keep an eye on Disney World’s official Twitter @waltdisneyworld or Disney Parks @disneyparks for an official announcement.


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